Gas processing complex
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Gas processing complex

Project structure

Ust-Luga ethane-rich gas processing and LNG production cluster is a joint project of Gazprom and RusGasDobycha aimed at practical implementation of the new economic model for comprehensive monetization of hydrocarbon resources. The decision about the final project configuration was made in March 2019. The project operator is a special-purpose company RusChemAlliance LLC.

The project comprises a gas processing plant, gas chemical complex and transport infrastructure, including a logistics center forming part of the product storage, interconnecting pipe rack for product pipelines and combined LNG-LPG marine terminal. Combining LNG and ethane production in a single-site format will significantly improve the project economics and specific indicators and effectively mitigate resource and price risks.

The source of feed gas for the project will be ethane-rich natural gas produced by Gazprom from Achimov and Valanginian deposits within the fields of the Nadym-Pur-Taz region.

The complex will produce sales gas (C1), LNG (C1), LPG (C3-C4), ethane (C2) and pentane-hexane (C5+) fractions.

The cluster is constructed near Ust-Luga (Leningrad region, Russia). It covers the area of approximately 1400 hectares. During its most active phase, the construction will involve over 25,000 specialists, with more than 5,000 permanent jobs to be created to man the operation of the facilities.

Performance targets