GL Engineering
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GL Engineering

The company, first established as a design institute specializing in the design of gas processing, petrochemical and gas chemical facilities for key projects in the oil and gas industry, aspires to become a world-class engineering company.

12 years in engineering
900+ people payroll
850+ completed
11 plants
as current projects
>200 current
contracts with clients
+25 bln RUB backlog
of orders

GLE LLC performs a full range of engineering services for greenfield and revamp projects of deep hydrocarbon processing facilities. Implemented process technologies:

  • hydrocarbon separation, CO2 and H2S removal, deep dehydration, gas separation with helium, ethane and LPG recovery, sulfur recovery, gas fractionation, de-ethanization, gas condensate stabilization, LPG treatment;
  • adsorption treatment of petroleum products, vacuum distillation, hydrotreatment, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, isomerization, alkylation;
  • natural gas liquefaction technologies for mid- and large-scale plants based on mixed refrigerants, liquefaction technologies for small-scale plants (throttling, expansion and combined refrigeration cycles);
  • basic organic synthesis processes, catalytic reforming, polymerization (adapted process), hydrogen production;
  • production of ethylene and propylene (adapted processes), polyethylene, polypropylene (adapted process), ammonia, urea, methanol, alpha olefins, naphtenic and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Company Operations

GLE LLC operations today focus on the development of design and cost estimate documentation and provision of engineering services for the following facilities: Gas Processing Complex Within Ust-Luga Ethane-Rich Gas Processing Cluster, Astrakhan GPP, Astrakhan Polymer Complex, Orenburg GPP, Surgut CSP, Urengoy Condensate Pre-Transportation Preparation Plant, plants and process units of Gazprom neftekhim Salavat LLC, Irkutsk Oil Company LLC.

Automated workstations are fully equipped for engineers, including 3D and CAD graphic tools, and server hardware allows to efficiently synchronize the work of several business units in different locations.

The development strategy of GLE LLC implies a phased transition from traditional engineering to provision of world-class EP/EPC services.

Key Clients

Contact information

Limited Liability Company GL Engineering

Legal address: Room 1N, Part of Room 409, 12 Shkiperskiy Protok Street, Block 2, Bldg 1, Gavan Intra-city Municipal District, Saint Petersburg, 199106, Russia

Headquarter in Saint Petersburg

Place of business: 25N Krasnogo Kursanta Street, Saint Petersburg, 197198, Russia

Mailing address: ВОХ 1502, Saint Petersburg, 190900, Russia

Separate divisions: Moscow, Ufa, Salavat